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Gundam Wing 500

A Weekly Gundam Wing Writing Challenge

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Name:Gundam Wing 500
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A weekly Gundam Wing writing challenge

This is the DreamWidth version of GW500, near-identical twin sister to [ profile] gw500. The premise is the same: a simple, low pressure, weekly fanfic challenge. Every friday a prompt is posted, at which point you have the whole week to write and submit fic based on said prompt. We are currently on an indefinite hiatus when it comes to new weekly prompts, and have changed our focus instead to a table of fifty prompts, which you can fill and post at your leisure. You can find the prompt table here. A banner for those who have managed to fill all fifty prompts is in the works!

Responses don’t have to be 500 words exactly; 500 is just a guideline and a catchy sales phrase. :P Longer or shorter fics are perfectly welcome. More than one response to a prompt is fine too.

Please make sure all the fics you post here can stand alone, even if they are part of a series or chaptered fic elsewhere.

Cuts and Headers

Please place all story content, however short, behind a cut, and the following information plus anything else you wish to include in a header above the cut:

- story title
- author
- (approximate) word count
- warnings
- characters and/or pairing


Please tag your post with all of the following:

- the prompt your fic is a response to (tagged by number)
- the characters appearing in it (all tagged as “c: ...”)
- the ships appearing in it, or if it’s a gen fic (all tagged as “x: ...”, including “x: gen”; characters in alphabetical order within ships)
- whether the fic is an AU, a crossover, is based on the manga/novel adaptation of the series, or places special emphasis on the assorted GW tie-in mangas/novels; we leave what constitutes “special emphasis” to your own judgement (all tagged as “m: ...”)

For more detailed notes about our tagging system, some info about the different parts of the Gundam Wing franchise, and a handy illustrated character guide, go here. If you are ever in need of a tag that does not exist yet, just post your story and use the last mod post to ask for it. And please include a link in your request so I know where to put the new tag. :P

Content and corresponding Feedback, Warnings & Settings

All story content is welcome so long as it does not contain real, living people, or bash characters or pairings. Members are asked to respect the creative decisions of their co-writers; flaming, bashing, or other forms of harassment will not be tolerated and can result in a ban. Constructive criticism is fine, but please use your best judgement and take your comments to a more private channel if you fear there might be a backlash.

The default Age Restriction for the comm is “No Age Restriction”. If your fanfic contains elements not suitable for minors, please adjust the Age Restriction setting on your post accordingly.

Most warnings are optional, except for the following;

- character death
- deliberate (extreme) OOC-ness, including forms of bigotry never shown by a character in the canon
- any kind of sexual consent issues
- graphic descriptions of physical suffering of any kind

If your story contains any of these, you must warn for it in the header. However, if you want to avoid spoilers, you can use the following code to hide the spoilery text (just remove the spaces that are there and replace the two “_”s with new spaces):

< span_style = " background :_#000000 " > PLACE SPOILER HERE </ span >

This way, readers who absolutely do not want to read something that includes these topics can highlight to reveal the text, while others can go into the story unspoiled.


Please do not lock the posts you make to this community.

Please do not link to locked posts elsewhere, nor to posts in journals/communities that habitually lock posts after a certain amount of time, or anything similar. GW500 entries found to link to locked posts will have to be edited, or else deleted.

Please do not post things other than fanfic in response to prompts without the mod’s permission.

Confirmed plagiarism earns you an instant and permanent ban.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, do let me know. Have fun and spread the word! :D


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